What is Buspar? Buspar is a medication used in the treatment of anxiety. It is a member of anti-anxiety drug groups known as anxiolytics, though it seems as if it works in a different way from other drugs in the same class. Though researchers cannot say exactly how Buspar reduces anxiety, they have the belief that it competes with dopamine and serotonin, chemical brain messengers that is involved in causing symptoms of anxiety.

Buspar medication is not for treating stress that is associated with the everyday life. Instead, doctors prescribe Buspar for anxiety disorder and also short-term relief of the symptoms of anxiety. So far buspar reviews are on the positive side. With Buspar weight gain is not a side effect.

The Buspar anxiety drug has been under study by researches for other possible uses of Buspar. Recent research has proven that Buspar safety does not vary by age. It shouldn’t be used for more than 6 weeks (for short term use), it is safe for both people 65 years and older, adults and also children between 6 to 17 years. Withdrawal reaction could arise if it is stopped suddenly. Inform your doctor if you have any of the conditions listed below for him to decide if Buspar is right for you. They are:

Alcohol and drug abuse
Kidney disease
Pheochromocytoma (an uncommon tumor that cause high blood pressure)
Alcohol and drug abuse
Liver disease

Buspar high and addiction

Many anecdotal and online reports have suggested that a lot of people have made Buspar a narcotic like “high.”
When you make Buspar a narcotic (Buspar high) it can result in:

Vomiting and nausea
Memory loss
Lack of coordination

Buspar side effects

The most common side effects of Buspar include:


The less common side effects of Buspar include:

Dry mouth
Stomach upset
Trouble sleeping

Serious Buspar side effects can also happen once you experience any of these call your doctor immediately:

Uncontrolled and abnormal body movements
Hives or rash
Blurred vision
Muscle stiffness
Inability to pass urine

Rapid heartbeat or palpitations

Buspar may cause confusion and drowsiness, because this do not operate or drive dangerous machinery, or participate in any activity that is risky until you find out how Buspar affects you. Don’t take Buspar with large quantity of grapefruit. Alcohol intake should be also avoided when you are taking Buspar.

Buspar dosage

Buspar dosage comes in tablets of 30, 15, 10, 5 milligrams. You can cut a pill into two if it becomes necessary. A normal dose begins at 7.5mg for every 12 hours. Your daily dose might be increased by your doctor by 5mg every few days if necessary. The maximum dose per day is 60mg. an average dose daily is 20 to 30 mg in split doses. Buspar could be taken without food or wit food.

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