Avelox is the name of the eye drop brand that contains the medicine moxifloacin used in treating the eyes bacterial infections. The drug is usually prescribed for treating the common infection called conjunctivitis (pink eye). The Avelox generic drug is a fluoroquinone antibiotic. It works by putting a stop to the proteins needed by bacterial to survive. Inform your physician if you normally have allergies to any drug, especially other types of antibiotis. If you have a viral eye infection or fungal infections do not use this drug because it is only used for treating bacterial infections. Never inject or swallow avelox antibiotic drug because it is for eye use only.

It hasn’t be proven yet if Avelox generic drug will cause harm to an unborn baby. Make sure you speak with your doctor first if you plan to get pregnant or already pregnant before you use the drug. Apply caution when performing activities that needs alertness like driving because Avelox antibiotic can cause ones vision to be blurry. Avelox uses include treating bacterial infections in the eye, pink eye treatment or conjunctivitis. Inform your physician of every non-prescription, prescription, recreational, illegal or herbal medications you are taking especially other antibiotics, other eye medications or eye drops. The price of this antibiotic can be up to $15 per 400mg pill. If you do an online search, you will discover many of sites offering the Avelox coupon some of which are worth a savings of 75% off the actual purchase price.

Notable side effects of Avelox include:

Blurred vision
Some Serious Avelox side effects are
Severe rash or itching
Swelling of the throat, tongue or face
Trouble breathing

Avelox dosage instructions:

Avelox 400 mg tablet contains moxifloxacin. The Avelox dosage recommended for children at least a year old and adults is a drop in the eye affected, 3 times daily, for the period of seven days. The recommended dose is one 400 mg film-coated tablet once daily. Do not take lesser or more than the prescribed Avelox dosage your doctor prescribes for you.

Follow carefully the instructions on the label of prescription when you take this drug. Make sure you wash your hands before making use of the eye drops. The Avelox shouldn’t be used if it has particles or discolored. The avelox dosage dropper is usually sterile. It shouldn’t be placed on any kind of surface, these includes the hands or eyes.

The dropper could result in an infection if it is contaminated with organisms like bacteria. An overdose of Avelox is not likely to be life threatening. Though if you accidentally swallow the eye drops or feel an overdose contact an emergency room or poison control center.

Take your Avelox dosage immediately you remember if you miss a dose of it. Nevertheless, skip the missed dose if the time for your next dose is near. Do not try to take a double dose to make up for a missed dose.

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