What is Benicar? Benicar is the name of the drug olmesartan that is used in high blood pressure treatment. The drug belongs to a drug class called angiotensin II receptor antagonists, which work by relaxing blood vessels. Generic Benicar is also used in treating kidney disease and heart failure sometimes. Benicar contains a serious warning because it could lead to serious injury or death to an unborn child when the drug is taken during the final six months of pregnancy. If you plan to get pregnant or already pregnant do not take this medicine. There is no generic for Benicar currently though there would soon be. Benicar to cozaar conversion is possible with the inclusion of some other components or removal of others. Benicar coupon HCT offers might come in a printable coupon. Some offers might require completing a questionnaire, registration; it may also require printing from a site.

Benicar laws suit

There was a Benicar law suit filed against the manufacturer of the medicine because a lot of people suffered serious gastrointestinal adverse effects from using it. Their claim was that the Benicar Company failed to warn it users concerning the risks so should be held liable.

Benicar side effects

Benicar hct has some common side effects they include:

Itching or rash
Back, muscle or joint pain
Stomach pain

The Benicar hct side effects could also be:

Irregular heartbeat or chest pain
Weakness or muscle pain
Change in the quantity of urine produced or dark colored urine
Swelling of the feet, ankles, or hands
Ensure you inform your doctor if you experience any of these side effects of Benicar or those listed in the warning section.
Taking Benicar and alcohol is not good because alcohol may worsen these side effects.

Before taking Benicar, inform your doctor if you have suffered or if you have:

Gallbladder problems
Heart attack
Liver disease
Kidney disease
Heart failure
Angioedema(swelling of the face, eyes, tongue, throat, lips, face, or hands)

Benicar dosage

The Benicar dosage comes as an oral tablet. The recommended starting dose is 20mg. It is normally taken once daily with food or without it. For patients that require more reduction in their blood pressure after 2 weeks therapy the Benicar dosage may now be increased to 40mg.

Try using the drug about same time each day. Adhere to your doctor’s prescription when taking this drug. Don’t take lesser or more than is prescribed. Contact your emergency room or poison control center immediately you suspect an overdose. In cases of missed dose take the drug immediately you remember. Benicar also interacts with some drugs endeavor to inform your doctor about every nonprescription and prescription, herbal, dietary or nutritional drugs you are taking.

Benicar shouldn’t be given to children below 1 year because it could affect the development of the kidney. Use caution when exposed to hot weather or exercising. Dehydration, severe diarrhea or excessive sweating can enhance the risk of low blood pressure.

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