Have you been trying to give an answer to the question what is Botox? It is the brand name of the drug onabotulinumtoxinA, used for temporarily smoothen the wrinkles and lines on the human face. Botox belongs to the drug class called neurotoxins. The bacteria that cause botulism are used in making it.

Side effects

Botox effects are normally temporary and depending on the state it can last from 3 to about 12 months. Botox immediately blocks those nerve signals that cause movement and tightening of the muscles.

This medication is also used for the treating other various types of health conditions, they include:

Migraines and headaches
Severe under the am sweating
Overactive bladder
Incontinence resulting from nerve problems

There are rare cases of Botox injections spreading to the parts of the body leaving the site of injection. This situation can result to very serious side effect that is life threatening. Your doctor should be called upon once you experience things like:

Drooping eyelids
Loss of bladder control
Blurred or double vision
Difficulty swallowing or talking
Severe muscle weakness

Inform your doctor before taking Botox if you have ever had or have:

Side effects from any face or eye surgery
Heat disease
Trouble urinating or bladder infection
Bleeding problems
An infection around the injection area
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease)

Some common side effects of Botox:

Neck pain
Difficulty sleep
Constipation this ia a common side effect of Botox
Feeling tired
Stiffness, tightness, muscle pain spasm or weakness
Dry mouth
Difficulty in sleeping
Irritated or dry eyes

Other serious Botox side effects are:

Your doctor should be contacted once you experience any of these severe side effects:
Serve pains in the back, jaw, arms or neck
Dizziness or fainting
Itching, hives or rash
Frequent or painful urination
Blood in the urine
Swelling of the eyelids
Urinary tract infection
Inability to empty your bladder without help
Shortness of breath

Before receiving Botox injections, inform your doctor of every non-prescription, recreational, dietary or nutritional drugs.
How much does Botox cost?
Botox cost varies between $200 to $400 and more than that depending on the location, desired profit margin, physician, and ongoing promotions. A lot of health specialists’ price Botox based on the cost per unit, while others price it based on injected area.

Botox dosage

A nurse, healthcare professional or doctor will be the one to administer your Botox injection. The dose, location and frequency of your injections will depend on your health condition. How long does Botox last? It lasts basically 3 to 4 months. If used for long it might last longer. The injection should be administered at least with a 3 months interval. Normally Botox is given every 3 to 4 months to treat crow’s feet, blepharospasm, overactive bladder, frown lines, migraines or cervical dystonia. It is administered once in 7n months to treat sweating underarm. A careful scrutiny of those who used Botox before and after taking it we see tremendous changes and improvements.

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